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The perfect iPad photo booth app to share branded photos, videos & GIFs at any event! Our proven photo booth app & stand are simple and fun.
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Photo Booth App + Stand

iPad Photo Booth App

Our Photo Booth App can capture photos, videos and GIFs on any iPad. With our streamlined user experience and easy to use stand you can capture moments that will last a lifetime.

Social Media Integration

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Snapifeye's easy to use app sends photos, GIFs and videos via text or email so users can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Snapifeye can even send photos as attachments or directly to your brands Facebook page.

Event Management and Data Capture

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The Snaifeye Dashboard allows you remotely manage multiple events. Not only that but Snapifeye is packed with tons of extra features like branded overlays, data collection, photo waivers, onsite displays and public galleries.

The Perfect Blend of Software and Hardware for a Better Photo Booth Experience!

Photo Booth Software + Stand Available!

With Snapifeye's industry leading software and stand you can quickly create experiences that your guests will love. Our turn easy to use solution will instantly create lasting memories that are easy to share!

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The Snapifeye Photo Booth is Trusted at Thousands of Events Nation Wide!

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Snapifeye's iPad Photo Booth is the best option for weddings, concerts, runs, sports games, festivals, trade shows, galas,restaurants, photographers, marketing agencies, TV & radio stations, brands and more...

The Trusted Photo Booth Solution for the Biggest Brands!

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Snapifeye's photo booth app is designed for event marketing. It makes it easy to add your own branding to photos, collect data and manage multiple events. Our simple social media integrations will help you increase your reach and engagement through shares and likes across social media channels. Whether you are an event host or sponsor Snapifeye works great at all kind of events.

Our Photo Booth App Gets Results!

In the summer of 2017 Snapifeye's photo booth app was deployed in Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket to capture guests at TownPool's gravity room experience. Guests had the chance to pose in a room with the furniture mounted on the walls and ceiling. The Snapifeye app took their photo, rotated it so they appeared to defy gravity and then instantly sent it to the user’s email. This continuous deployment of Snapifeye captured over 8000 unique contacts in 3 months.

Over 8000 Unique Contacts Captured for TownPool

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