Events represent an opportunity for hosts and sponsors to interact and engage with fans on social media. However, there are so many social media options it can be difficult to connect with fans across every platform. It’s even more difficult to create good content with the chaos of a large crowd. Here are 5 reasons you need to create a social media strategy for your events!


1) Events create a targeted and engaged audience that is easy to access.

2) During an event there is a lot going on and without a social strategy and activation team to execute it your promotion will fail to reach its potential.

3) Interactive event promotions can turn a one time interaction into a lasting conversations via social media.

4) According to the Harvard University 40% of users will increase purchases due to the influence of their friends on social media.

5) Sponsors are more likely to jump onboard when they can measure the impact of the event and social media is easy to measure.

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