1: Get a cardboard cutout of your brands spokes person and people will line up to have their photo taken. Collect their email addresses and zip codes with Snapifeye to build your mailing list.

2: Give participants a free photo after they cross the finish line of a run or walk.

3: Setup a themed photo booth with props. e.g. Pirates, Mustaches or Mardi Gras
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4: Hold a contest that fans enter when they get their photo taken! Have them fill out the Snapifeye form to get marketing opt-in and gather information.

5: Roll out the red carpet and setup a step and repeat wall.

6: Send a Snapifeye activated street team out into a parade or tailgate and have them take photos of the crowd!

7: Promote an relevant non-profit and hold a 50-50 raffle where participants need to get their photo taken to enter. Have people share photos to promote online entries to the 50-50 raffle. Include your logo and the non-profits logo on all the photos!

8: Give fans a chance to meet the band! Enter to win by having your photo taken before the concert!