The Branded Photo App

iPad Photo Booth App

Manage Photo Promotions and Collect Data at Any Event


Remotely Configure the App

Snapifeye's iPad app includes photographer mode and photo booth mode and it works with iphones and ipads. You can easily create branded photos, videos and GIFs straigh from your iPad and then send them via text or email. With our iPad photo booth app users can pick between multiple branded filters for each event. Snapifeye, also has many built in features such as photo waivers, opt-in switches and data collection forms. The app is configurable from the online dashboard. This allows one person to simultaniously manage many devices and events. You can even connect wifi enabled cameras to our iPad photo booth app.

iPad Photo Booth App

Works for Brand Ambassadors and Photo Booths

Manage Branding, Messaging & Social Channels

The Snapifeye Dashboard allows one person to control multiple events and iPads simultaneously to ensure all of your branding and messaging is on point. Our iPad photo booth app also has several sharing options. These included customized text messages and emails that are sent directly to your fans so they can share over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. You can also share native photos over your own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also have microsites and a photo retrevial widget that you can embed on your website. Our iPad photo booth app has many sharing options so you connect to social media as you see fit.

Text or Email Photos Straight to Fans

Capture Data and Qualify Leads

Snapifeye's management dashboard is for marketing and event professionals.
You can eaisly include survey questions, photo waivers and a marketing opt-in switch.
With the Snapifeye Dashboard you can collect data, and build list at multiple simultaneous events.

iPad Photo Booth


Add Custom Branding and Overlays
Manage Multiple Devices and Events
Create Photos, Videos and GIFs
Choose Between Multiple Photo Layouts
Enable Wireless Printing
Capture and Download Data
Send Custom Notifications via SMS and Email
Share Native Photos to Facebook and Twitter
Activate Live Photo Wall
Share Public Galleries
Moderate Galleries and Displays
Enable Snapifeye Micro Sites
Embed Photo Retrevial Widget for Your Website
Recieve a Dedicated Account Manager
and more...

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Bonus Photo Wall & Gallery

Use our photo wall to create a fun experience for fans onsite! Our iPad photo booth app will send the photos directly to the photo wall which adds an addtional onsite interactive element to you events.


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Snapifeye's iPad photo booth app is designed for event marketing. It makes it easy to add your own branding to photos and share them with fans.You can easily create shares, likes and comments across social media channels. Whether you are an event host or sponsor Snapifeye's iPad photo booth works great at all kind of events including concerts, runs, trade shows, sporting events, company parties and more. Snapifeye's iPad photo booth can send photos, videos and GIFS via text messaging, email, or through a native social media post. Snapifeye also collects data and makes it easy for you to generate leads. Make sure to visit our pricing page to learn about out free trial.