Photo Booth Start Screen Specifcations

You can now add a custom start screen in photo booth mode to the Snapifeye Photo Booth App.  This feature is accessible to users with a Professional License via the Snapifeye Dashboard. You can upload a custom start screen for each event under the "Branding" Section. Specifications: Our photo booth app start screen image type should be jpeg or png sized for the device it will be used on. [...]

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Photo Booth Live Photo Wall

Are you looking to build a social wall or stream photos live at your event?  Don't worry we've got you covered.  Our newest photo wall makes it easy for you to show all of the photos posted with Snapifeye on a TV or Projector.  All photos posted from photographer and photo booth mode are served up to the feed. Check Out This Example (Best viewed on a big screen [...]

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Snapifeye Photo Booth Printing

In our latest release we added support for AirPrint to the Snapifeye App. It is available in both photographer mode and photo booth mode.  In order to use this feature you must have a printer that support AirPrint.  We recommend the Cannon Selphy CP1200. Printing Instructions At visit the Sharing and Social Media Tab Turn Offer Printing to Yes Make sure your printer supports AirPrint. Connect your printer and mobile device [...]

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App Update 2017

Today we released an update to the Snapifeye iOS app.  Please update to the latest version of when you have a chance. Updates Include: Layout updates to Photobooth mode for improved usability. Photobooth mode now takes 4 photos instead of 1. Photo waiver added to Photobooth mode. When you set the dashboard to only collect email or phone number the text in the app updates. Performance updates and other [...]

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Snapchat Style Photo Booth

Announcing Snapifeye 2.0 Over the last few months we been working on several major upgrades to the Snapifeye mobile app. Today we are happy to announce that release of Snapifeye 2.0. Snapifeye 2.0 features several major improvements that make is easier than ever to share live events across social media. With more people than ever using apps like Snapchat and live-sharing their experiences on social media, companies have a unique [...]

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