iHeartRadio Photo Booth Case Study

Background B92.5 FM is a iHeartRadio country music station in Sacramento, CA that hosted a meet and greet with Craig Wayne Boyd on May 3rd, 2015. B92.5 partnered with Snapifeye to amplify the stations social media. Activation Fans got their photo's taken with Craig Wayne Boyd and they were posted to B92.5 FM’s Facebook page via Snapifeye. With Snapifeye B92.5FM was able to capture an email address from each fan [...]

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Jack Daniels Photo Booth Case Study

Background & Activation Jack Daniel’s held a launch party for its newest product, Jack Fire, at Red Rock Saloon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on March 2, 2015. Jack Daniels had one device with Snapifeye & one photographer at Red Rock Saloon for four hours.   Results Snapifeye was able to increase Red Rock’s organic reach 418% over its daily average. In addition, Snapifeye’s content accounted for 73% of Red Rock’s total [...]

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Trade Show Photo Booth Case Study

Background & Activation Syngenta attended the Golf Industry Show in San Antonio, Texas in February 2015. At the show Syngenta used Snapifeye to create an interactive promotion to generate qualified leads. Syngenta had two devices with Snapifeye setup in its booth and gave people who had their photo snapped a chance to win a GoPro or Drone. In a single click Syngenta was able to publish its photos to Facebook, [...]

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Photo Booth Comparative Analytics

If you are looking to engage millennials at your next event you probably want to know the best way to do it. Here's some data and information that explains why Snapifeye's software is a game changer for event marketing. A couple of photos taken with Snapifeye! “Snapifeye works wonders at our events — the guest engagement in person and online makes a huge difference and provides a unique experience.” Angela Damiani, [...]

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College Sports Case Study

On December 6th, 2014 Marquette University was able to drive 106 visits to their online box office when they activated Snapifeye for 30 minutes prior to a Mens Basketball game. In addition, they were able to collect 67 email addresses and phone numbers and create a HUGE increase in social media engagement. The orange circle indicates the day Snapifeye was activated for 30 minutes [...]

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