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Snapchat Style Photo Booth

Announcing Snapifeye 2.0 Over the last few months we been working on several major upgrades to the Snapifeye mobile app. Today we are happy to announce that release of Snapifeye 2.0. Snapifeye 2.0 features several major improvements that make is easier than ever to share live events across social media. With more people than ever using apps like Snapchat and live-sharing their experiences on social media, companies have a unique [...]

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Photo Booth Branding Examples for Snapifeye

Here are a few photo booth branding examples and inspiration that you can use with the Snapifeye photo booth app. Branded photo frames can increase your reach organically by empowering your fans to create a buzz with your logo on their photos. If you're making your own branded frames, make sure that they are at least 1000px by 1000px and that they are saved as a transparent a .PNG [...]

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7 Ways to Promote your Event with Social Media

Getting fans to engage and create content on social media can provide a major boost to your events reach. Not to mention it can create great sponsorship opportunities. Here are seven ways that you can incentivize social media engagement. 1. Create a live stream display for content created by attendees Everyone wants to see their name in lights! Setup a display on a projector or video board for real time [...]

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4 Great Photo Booth Promotions for College Sports

Are you looking to build social media promotions into game day at your college sports event? Whether you are at a division one football game or a division three track meet photo booth promotions will connect with people both at the game and at home. Expand the reach of your athletics department, sell more tickets and build sponsorship for your school! Mascot Cam No matter where you mascot goes give [...]

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