Photo Booth Custom Filters

If you are looking for photo filter ideas for you next event, look no further.  Here are a few fun concepts for you to use.  If you want to make these your own, we included our Photoshop (PSD) files at the bottom of the page.   Photo Booth Custom Filters - Photoshop (PSD) Files baseball filter beach day black silhoutte final beach day white silhouette concert filter final birthday filter [...]

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Photo Booth Branding Examples for Snapifeye

Here are a few photo booth branding examples and inspiration that you can use with the Snapifeye photo booth app. Branded photo frames can increase your reach organically by empowering your fans to create a buzz with your logo on their photos. If you're making your own branded frames, make sure that they are at least 1000px by 1000px and that they are saved as a transparent a .PNG [...]

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