The Mid-Shot

From The Waist Up According to the Film Glossary, a mid-shot is, “a relatively close shot, revealing a moderate amount of detail, [and] generally includes the [subject’s] body from the waist up." Keeping the mid-shot in mind when composing a photograph is a worthwhile thought. This particular type of shot displays a detailed subject, while still showing additional information near, or behind the subject. Not only will this ensure an [...]

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Create Better Photographs With One Simple Technique

In photography, it’s important to keep the mathematical sequence 1:1.618 in mind. This ratio, known as the Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Mean, the Golden Ration, Phi, or Divine Proportion, became noticed in Western culture by Leonardo Fibonacci around 1200 A.D. This mathematician observed an absolute ratio appearing throughout nature, which creates an aesthetically pleasing spiral design. When applied to photography, this ratio can produce eye catching compositions. When you take the [...]

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