1) Combine Onsite Promotions and Digital Promotions for a Larger Impact

The combined impact of offline and online promotions will make them both more effective. A Snapifeye photo booth makes it very easy to make in person connections then leverage those to get people to share online.

2) Write Your Headlines as a Call to Action

More people will visit your site if you simply give them a reason. Social media is a great starting point, but ultimately you want the people to take action. A call to action will increase the number of site visits you get. Direct people to your own site or sell the web traffic to an advertiser.


CTA Example

 3) Include Advertisers on Your Interactive Promotions

Use your interactive promotions to give your advertisers a boost. If you create interactive promotions using Snapifeye its easy to included advertisers in several ways.  First you can create a branded filter and include their logo.  Second, you can include them in the copy of your post.  Finally you can sell them the leads you collect using a Snapifeye photo booth.


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.10.45 AM

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