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The Best iPad Photo Booth App for Any Event!

  • iPad Photo Booth App | Snapifeye
  • iPad Photo Booth App | Snapifeye
  • iPad Photo Booth App | Snapifeye
  • iPad Photo Booth App | Snapifeye

Turn Any iPad Into a Photo Booth

Snapifeye’s photo booth app makes it fun and easy to capture moments and create memories that will last a life time. Gone are the days of bulky, complicated and expensive photos booths because we created the best iPad photo booth app. And it’s got all of the features you’ve been looking for.

Try it for yourself and see why it has been use at thousands of events nation wide including weddings, concerts, runs, sports games, festivals, trade shows, galas, holidays parties, parades, promotions and more.

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Instant Photo Sharing

Instantly share photos, videos and GIFs via SMS and email.  Our professional version also allows you to post native photos to your brands Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or send the photo as an attachment.

Professional Features

Our professional app is packed with the best features including data capture, branded overlays, survey questions, photo waiver, opt-in switch and more. Snapifeye’s photo booth app also offers a live photo wall, public galleries and a photo retrieval widget for your website.

Easy to Use App

Snapifeye’s app has a streamlined interface that is easy to use. It includes a photo booth mode for a stationary setup and photographer mode for a roaming setup. It works for all types of events and is loaded with features that are easy to use.  This is the photo booth app you have been looking for.

Create and Share Photos, Videos and GIFs on Your iPad

Create photos, videos and GIFs at your events and quickly share them via text and email. Add your own branded filter with our professional license to create a better photo booth experience! Snapifeye includes two photo layouts and allows multiple filters per event and supports data collection. Our easy to use app is sure to be a hit.

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Photo Booth App - Share on Social Media

Instant Social Media Sharing

Instantly share with Snapifeye’s iPad Photo Booth App. Snapifeye can send photos, videos and GIFs via SMS and email. You can also post native photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you need something custom, our embedded photo retrieval widget allows your developers to build something creative and awesome.

Event Management with Data Capture

Snapifeye’s management dashboard makes it easy for you to manage multiple devices / events and capture data. Snapifeye’s iPad photo booth app’s advanced data capture that can gather contact information, survey questions responses, marketing opt-in and a photo waiver signature with custom terms. All of your data can be exported to a spreadsheet after your event.

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