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Create Experiential Promotions, Collect Data and Connect with Your Fans Online

Connect Your Brand to Fans with Snapifeye’s Professional Photo Booth Software

Manage your events and promotions using Snapifeye’s Professional Photo Booth Software. We have tons of features to offer. From data collection to custom branding, our app is configured and controlled by the Snapifeye dashboard so you can remotely mange multiple events and devices. Watch our video to learn how you can increase your brands reach at any event!

Design Branded Promotions Across Social Channels

Create multiple branded touch points at your event with Snapifeye’s photo booth software and stand.  It has many features including custom photo overlays, branded start screens, native social media integrations and configurable photo notifications. Our software also has built in data capture, photo waivers, opt-in switches and survey questions.
Our photo booth stand is the perfect compliment to the photo booth app.  This simple stand is light weight, durable and easy to transport. It weighs 15 lbs and takes about 15 minutes to setup up.  Our professional photo booth is unbeatable, simple to use, and works at any event; big or small, indoors or out.

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Photo Booth App Features

Candid Photo Booths and Roaming Photography

Our app includes a photographer mode and photo booth mode so you can use it as a photo booth and for candid roaming photography.

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Software Features

Our photo booth software is packed with features to make your events successful.

  • Create Photos, Videos and GIFs

  • Add Custom Branding and Messaging

  • Capture Data and Download Leads

  • Send Unlimited Photos, GIFs and Videos via SMS and Email

  • Build Custom Surveys, Opt-in Switch and Photo Waiver

  • Share Native Photos to Facebook and Twitter

  • Enable in Live Photo Wall and Gallery

  • Moderate Galleries and Live Photo Wall

  • Print via Wifi

  • Get a Dedicate Account Manager

  • …and much more

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