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Snapifeye’s photo booth rental come with everything you need. Each rental includes a photo booth stand, light, iPad and software license. Our professional rental includes a full software license that allows you to use all of our available features like photo branding and data capture. Snapifeye’s personal and wedding photo booth rentals come with a software license that allows you to send unlimited photos and GIFs via Snapifeye’s iPad app. Find the option that fits your event!

iPad Photo Booth Rentals Tailored to Your Event

Booking Made Simple

Online booking is easy, simply select the type of event that you need then pick your dates and checkout!  We typically ship rental units so they arrive 1-3 days before your event.  This allows you to setup the unit and test it before your event starts.  If you have questions or need something different then what you see here please contact us and one of our customer service representative will be happy to help.

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