Announcing Snapifeye 2.0

Over the last few months we been working on several major upgrades to the Snapifeye mobile app. Today we are happy to announce that release of Snapifeye 2.0. Snapifeye 2.0 features several major improvements that make is easier than ever to share live events across social media.

With more people than ever using apps like Snapchat and live-sharing their experiences on social media, companies have a unique opportunity to engage with not only their customers, but their customers’ friends and connections, says Steve Anderson, co-founder of Snapifeye.

“The opportunity was there, but the challenge was the “how,” Anderson explains. “With Snapifeye, event staff can capture photos and moments, package them in an easy-to-share branded format and let customers do the rest. Unlike Snapchat our platform works on several platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

Photo Logo App

Snapifeye 2.0 expands on this event photo-sharing service with the following key features:

  • Native social posting across platforms
  • Live embedded photo galleries
  • Greater brand control than other service that provide branded event filters
  • Customizable forms and data collection

“These new features are part of our effort to continually improve and give our customers what they’re asking for,” says Anderson. This personalized approach to event marketing has caught the attention of both local and national companies, including several national radio conglomerates, non-profits such as the Alzheimer’s Association to national brands such as Syngenta and Jack Daniels. To learn more about Snapifeye or start a free trial, visit